The University of Missouri will host the 5th annual KUMUNU Conference on PDE, Dynamical Systems, and Applications in Columbia, Missouri on the weekend of April 27-28, 2019. The meeting is organized jointly by the Departments of Mathematics at the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU), the University of Kansas in Lawrence (KU), and the University of Nebraska Lincoln (NU).

Infinite-dimensional dynamical systems describe an incredibly diverse array of physical phenomena, from atmospheric circulation to the firing of neurons in the nervous system. Understanding their behavior often requires combining sophisticated tools from nonlinear PDE theory, Dynamical Systems, and Analysis more generally. The aim of this conference is to bring together experts working in these areas to report their latest findings, as well as discuss important problems and future directions. A particular goal is to promote the continued development of research in this direction at regional institutions.


Björn Sandstede, Brown University


Rafael de la Llave, Georgia Tech
Dmitry Pelinovsky, McMaster University


Jacob Bedrossian, University of Maryland
Alex Blumenthal, University of Maryland
Ming Chen, University of Pittsburgh
Zaher Hani, University of Michigan
Zhiwu Lin, Georgia Tech
Satbir Malhi, University of Kansas
Peter Miller, University of Michigan
Katie Oliveras, Seattle University


Yuri Latushkin, University of Missouri-Columbia
Samuel Walsh, University of Missouri-Columbia
Mat Johnson, University of Kansas
Milena Stanislavova, University of Kansas
George Avalos, University of Nebraska

The conference is supported in part by the Mathematics Department at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and the National Science Foundation.