Research Topics

Time-dependent current-density functional theory of charge and spin transport in nanoscale conductors

  • Electronic viscosity effects at the nanoscale
  • Spin and density dynamics in cold Fermi gases
  • Fundamental problems in time-dependent DFT
  • Construction of approximate exchange-correlation potentials

Continuum mechanics of quantum many-body systems

  • Stress tensor as a descriptive tool in quantum chemistry
  • Quantum many-body dynamics in the elastic approximation
  • DFT for strongly correlated systems

Collective effects in cold atomic gases and graphene

  • Spin drag and spin charge separation in cold Fermi gases
  • Drude weight, plasmon dispersion, and pseudospin response in doped graphene sheets

Many-body theory in spin-orbit coupled semiconductors

  • Coulomb Drag and Spin Coulomb drag
  • Microscopic theory of Gilbert damping and transverse spin dynamics
  • Spin Hall Effect in semiconductors
  • Spin packet dynamics and spin relaxation in semiconductors
  • Collective modes in Rashba coupled systems and graphene

Coupled current and spin dynamics

  • CDFT for SU(2) vector potentials
  • Adiabatic spin dynamics in the presence of currents
  • Spin Hall Effect in d-band metals and oxides
  • Spin susceptibility and spin waves in low-dimensional systems
  • Theory of spin wave generation by currents