Research Group 2015

From left to right: Dr. Shulei Zhang, Dr. Giovanni Vignale, Dr. Florian Eich,
Erica Hroblak, Dr. Guichao Hu


Our research covers a broad range of topics in condensed matter theory, ranging from formal many-body theory to electronic and spintronic devices. Research projects carried out in the group, with the help of many international collaborators, include

  1. Time-dependent current-density functional theory of charge, spin, and energy transport in nanoscale conductors;
  2. Continuum mechanics of quantum many-body systems;
  3. Collective effects in low-dimensional electron liquids, graphene, and cold atoms;
  4. Many-body effects in spin-orbit coupled materials – including spin Hall effect, spin Coulomb drag, and their application to spintronics;
  5. Current and spin dynamics in hybrid magnetic, organic, and oxide structures and devices.

Current funding for research provided by NSF and DOE.