The 2015 Paul J Sally, Jr. Midwest Representation Theory Conference

November 13 (Fri) - 15 (Sun), 2015

University of Missouri, Columbia

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Conference Program

All the talk will be given at Tate Hall 215

Nov. 13, Friday
1:30-2:30 Fan Gao The Langlands-Shahidi L-functions for Brylinski-Deligne covering groups
2:30-2:50 Coffee Break coffee, tea, cookies ...
2:50-3:50 Alberto Minguez Classification of the unitary irreducible representations of p-adic linear groups and their inner forms
4:00-5:00 Jeff Adler Transferring representations between finite reductive groups
Nov. 14, Saturday
8:30-9:00 Light Breakfast coffee, tea, orange juice, bagels, donuts, fruits ...
9:00-10:00 Moshe Adrian The Langlands parameter of a simple supercuspidal representation of an odd orthogonal group
10:10-11:10 Simon Gindikin Complex geometry of real symmetric spaces
11:10-11:30 Coffee Break coffee, tea, cookies ...
11:30-12:30 Gordan Savin Nice Morse functions for Euclidean buildings
12:30-2:30 Lunch Break
2:30-3:30 Aaron Wood Hecke algebra correspondences for the metaplectic group
3:30-4:00 Coffee Break coffee, tea, cookies ...
4:00-5:00 Charlotte Chan p-adic Deligne-Lusztig constructions and the local Langlands correspondence
6:00-9:00 Conference Dinner at Sophia's
Nov. 15, Sunday
9:00-9:30 Light Breakfast coffee, tea, orange juice, bagels, donuts, fruits ...
9:30-10:30 Jessica Fintzen On the Moy-Prasad filtration and supercuspidal representations
10:40-11:40 Beth Romano Representations of p-adic groups via geometric invariant theory

The program is also available as a pdf file.