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Erin M. Schliep

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Statistics at University of Missouri. I have research interests in Bayesian statistics as well as multivariate and spatiotemporal statistics. My work is motivated by problems in environmental science, ecology, and sports.

I enjoy running, biking, hiking, and playing golf with my family and friends. The picture above is the diamond and summit of Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park taken from the keyhole. Below is me standing on the bridge on the 18th hole at the Old Course in St. Andrews.  

Assistant Professor

134E Middlebush Hall

Columbia, MO 65211

(573) 882-4455

schliepe [at] missouri [dot] edu

August 2020: JSM 2020 Invited Session on "The New Era of Ecological Statistics"

New paper on arxiv: On the spatial and temporal shift in the archetypal seasonal temperature cycle as driven by annual and semi-annual harmonics by North et. al.

New paper on arxiv: Long-term Spatial Modeling for Characteristics of Extreme Heat Events by Schliep et. al.

Coming soon:  "Ecological prediction at macroscales using big data: Does sampling design matter?" by Soranno et. al to appear in Ecological Applications.

January 2020: Named a Research Fellow at the National Institute of Statistical Sciences

December 2019: "Increasing accuracy of lake nutrient predictions in thousands of lakes by leveraging water clarify data" by Wagner et. al published in Limnology and Oceanography Letters.

December 2019: "Identifying and characterizing extrapoloation in multivariate response data" by Bartley et. al in PLOS ONE.

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