University of Missouri


I teach a large number of classes. I teach the Psychology 3110 : Theories of Learning course that is usually writing intensive and uses a "mastery system" and covers many historical and contemporary learning theories. It satisfies the Cognitive/Cognition and Learning Area. I teach Psychology 3130: Decisions, Values and Choice which also satisfies this area and covers many topics in decision making, priorities in terms of goals, values, self control and other topics. My Psychology 4972: Animal Learning Laboratory course is a capstone course and usually uses a point system for earning the grade that a student strives for. This course uses many projects including computer simulation of animal learning behaviors, animal behaviors in Peace Park, and classroom projects involving the students in the class to illustrate concepts in animal learning and behavior. I teach Psychology 4220 (330): Animal Behavior which satisfies the Biological/Comparative Area and discusses many issues related to animal foraging, learning, parenting, predation, intelligence, and language as well as other topics.

My graduate courses include Psychology 9910 (403): Teaching Psychology Practicum in which graduate students teaching for the first time get together to discuss topics and their experiences related to teaching, Psychology 9140 (463): Conditioning and Learning, Psychology 9110 (422): Studies in Cognition (a course taught by many of the Cognition and Neuroscience faculty).


  • Psychology 3130: Decisons, Values, and Choice
  • Psychology 3110: Fall 2004--Theories of Learning
  • Psychology 4220: Animal Behavior
  • Psychology 4972: Animal Learning Laboratory
  • Psychology 9110: Studies in Cognition
  • Psychology 9140: Conditioning and Learning
  • Psychology 9910: Teaching of Psychology Practicum