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Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Applicants interested in studying the neural basis of attention, reward anticipation, or working memory in healthy people or in those with Parkinson’s disease are encouraged to apply. Click on the departmental web site (http://psychology.missouri.edu/grad) for information on how to apply, and please write Dr. Hackley to alert him regarding your intentions. Grad students at the CCN lab are presently supported by teaching assistantships or campus-level fellowships. Grant funding for graduate students or postdocs is not currently available.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Due to the significant investment of training involved, assistants are asked to commit to 8-10 hours per week of effort over at least one 9-month interval. Academic credit (e.g., Psy 2950) is available, but most undergraduate assistants simply volunteer their time to learn more about research and enhance their chances of being admitted to graduate or medical school. For more information, contact Dr. Hackley via e-mail HackleyS@Missouri.edu. Please indicate your academic major, general career goals, and whether you have any experience with computer software.

Photo of actor Alan Alda, by Larry Engel, 2008
Photo of actor Alan Alda (MASH), by Larry Engel, 2008