Quantum Computational Complexity in Curved Spacetime
(The above will also be an upcoming book chapter)
Quantum Communications in the Maritime Environment
Quantum Sensing in the Maritime Environment
Maritime Applications of Quantum Computing
(The above papers discuss quantum-based applications in ocean environments.)
Space-Based Quantum Sensing for Low-Power Detection of Small Targets
(The above describes the use of satellite-based quantum radar systems to detect threats from space, e.g., an asteroid on a collision trajectory with the earth. Slides from a conference presentation can be found HERE.)

Results subsequent to the above book can be found in:
Error Scaling in Fault Tolerant Quantum Computation
Quantum Algorithmic Methods for Computational Geometry

I'm co-editor of the following quantum computing books:

Approximability of Optimization Problems through Adiabatic Quantum Computation, William Cruz-Santos, Guillermo Morales-Luna

Adiabatic Quantum COmputation and Quantum Annealing, Catherine McGeoch
Negative Quantum Channels, James McCracken

High-Level Structures for Quantum Computing, Jaroslaw Miszcak

The Complexity of Noise: A Philosophical Outlook on Quantum Error Correction, Amit Hagar

Broadband Quantum Cryptography, Daniel J. Rogers

Quantum Walks for Computer Scientists, Salvador Venegas-Andraca

Quantum Radar, Marco Lanzagorta