Below are all electronic teaching evaluations for my classes from Spring 2012 to Spring 2017. These include my Data Fusion class, which was initially taught as a TOPICS 8001 class and then became CS8790. I also taught Advanced Data Fusion class as a TOPICS 8001 class and a Survey of Advanced Algorithmics class as TOPICS 8001/7001 (one or both may be regular classes now but I can't think of the number). I also taught a Simulation and Game Design class as Topics 8001/7001. My intellectual property (IP) class started as a 1001 Topics class, then switched to a 2001 Topics class, and is now a regular class CS2010. I taught the Algorithm Design and Programming I and II classes (CS1050 & CS2050) for several years, most recently for CS2050 was Sp12.
Course evals Sp12-Sp17

(I checked and it seems there aren't evals in some cases for some of my smaller graduate classes, and I think that's because evaluations results aren't included if fewer than two students respond.)