Prof. Jeffrey Uhlmann

Contact Information

Education & Personal Details

Research Areas:
1. Data Fusion and Verification
2. Quantum Algorithmics and Sensing
3. Entertainment Engineering
4. Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)
5. Path Optimization with Constraints
6. Search-Related Data Structures
7. Et Cetera

Teaching (last 5 years):
1. Filtering and Data Fusion (CS8790)
2. Advanced Data Fusion (CS8001)
3. Survey of Advanced Algorithmic Techniques (CS7001/4001)
4. Efficient Algorithms for High-Fidelity Simulations and Video Games (CS7001/4001)
5. Algorithm Design and Programming II (CS2050)
6. Intellectual Property for Engineers (CS2010)

Students tend to find my classes to be both lots of fun and intellectually stimulating.
Here are all student evaluations of my classes over the last 5 years.

In addition to university teaching I also mentored a high school regional finalist, and national semi-finalist, for the prestigious Siemens-Westinghouse Competition.