Prof. Jeffrey Uhlmann

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Research Areas:
1. Data Fusion and Verification
2. Quantum Algorithmics and Sensing
3. Entertainment Engineering
4. Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)
5. Path Optimization with Constraints
6. Search-Related Data Structures
7. Et Cetera

Teaching (last 5 years):
1. Filtering and Data Fusion (CS8790)
2. Advanced Data Fusion (CS8001)
3. Survey of Advanced Algorithmic Techniques (CS7001/4001)
4. Efficient Algorithms for High-Fidelity Simulations and Video Games (CS7001/4001)
5. Algorithm Design and Programming II (CS2050)
6. Intellectual Property for Engineers (CS2010)

Students tend to find my classes to be both interesting and fun.
Here are all student evaluations over 5 years.

In addition to university teaching I also mentored a high school regional finalist, and national semi-finalist, for the prestigious Siemens-Westinghouse Competition.