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  • A watery carbon bank

  • This study about the carbon storage of oak in streams was published in the journal Ecosystems and then news articles highlighting the research were published by Nature (right photo), NASA, and many other online news sources.

  • Mystery of infamous "New England Dark Day" solved by tree rings

  • This study was initially published in the International Journal of Wildland fire. Later a news feature was done by wired.com on the anniversary of the May 19th Dark Day. Since then it has been picked up by many news sources including Discovery Channel (podcasted 6/13 & 6/20/08), Science, NASA, and Yahoo News.

  • Perfectly preserved log cabin discovered near Wildcat Den

  • This project involved dating of an Iowa cabin in Muscatine county that received local and national press. The log cabin is of particular value because the basal portion of the logs had multiple fire scars in the early 1700s that will provide some of the first information about Iowa historic fire frequency.

  • Tree rings help research of droughts

  • This article appeared in the Missouri Ruralist and describes our efforts to reconstruct annual drought from the tree rings of buried oak trees that have been recovered from streams of northern Missouri and southern Iowa, USA. PDF

  • Filling in the Blanks: Developing Fire Scar Histories in the Southern and Eastern United States

  • This news is part of "First Look", a publication of the Joint Fire Science Program. Here they described a our Joint Fire Science Funded project to reconstruct fire history throughout the eastern U.S.

  • Park Service Maps the Great Plains Fire History

  • A National Public Radio (NPR) broadcast describes our research reconstructing fire history throughout the Great Plains region.

  • Of Fire Scars and Arkansas Oaks

  • Compass, a U.S. Forest Service publication, discusses our fire history research in Arkansas and beyond.

  • Buried Treasure Reveals an Active Afterlife for Riparian Trees

  • A U.S. Forest Service newsletter discusses ancient wood found in northern Missouri and southern Iowa streams.

  • Ancient trees offer view into Missouri history

  • A Kansas City Star article

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