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Geology 1301 - Undergraduate Topics in Geological Sciences: Gems and Gemstones
This 5-week course provides an introduction to almost everything you ever wanted to know about gems: Physical Properties; Optical Properties and Gem Identification; Carats, Cuts, Clarity, Color, Flaws; Gem Minerals (What, Where, Why and How Much $?). No Prerequisites. 1 hour.

Geology 3250 - Minerology
Introduction to crystallography, crystal chemistry and crystal structures. Systematic study of mineral groups. Includes identification of Minerals by physical, chemical and optical properties. Prerequisite: Chemistry 1310 or concurrently. 5 hours.

Geology 4200/7200 - Economic Geology
Geochemistry of ore deposits. Introduction to types of mineral deposits, genesis of ore, and current areas of research. Laboratory emphasizes hand-specimen and polished-section studies of a wide variety of ore deposit types. Prerequisites: GEOL 3900 or instructor's consent. 4 hours.

Geology 8550 - Stable Isotope Geochemistry
Mechanisms and fundamental concepts of fractionation of light stable isotopes in nature. Emphasizes application of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and sulfur isotopes to igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, metallic ore deposits, and to natural waters. Prerequisites: Instructor's consent. 3 hours.

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