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Fluid Inclusion Microthermometry Laboratory
The lab features a newly acquired Linkham THMSG 600 computer-controlled heating-freezing stage on a modified Olympus BX51 microscope. We also have a Fluid INC gas-flow stage for analysis of fluid inclusions from-198 to +700C, including CCTV monitoring and recording of fluid inclusion phase equilibria.

Stable Isotope Laboratory
Using funds from NSF-EAR and campus matching contributions, we recently purchased two Finnigan Delta-Plus gas source mass spectrometers. Following laboratory renovations, the instruments are now installed and generating data. One instrument is equipped for on-line, continuous flow isotopic analysis via gas chromatography and a Carlo Erba elemental analyzer. We also have a second elemental analyzer for high temperature pyrolysis (TC-EA), which expands the range of on-line capabilities to include such things as oxygen in sulfate and phosphate. The dedicated continuous flow instrument, a Delta-Plus XL, is also configured for hydrogen analysis. The second instrumentóa Delta-Plus with a dual inletóis dedicated largely to a new Kiel III device for automated C and O isotope analysis of small carbonate samples via individual acidification. Collectively, these mass spectrometers are used routinely for analyses of C, O, H and N isotopes. A technician assists with daily operations of the lab.

Vacuum lines for preparation of carbonates, silicates, sulfides, sulfates, hydrous minerals and waters for the analysis of C, O, H and S isotopes are also available in the department.

Department Research Facilities

Geology Library

Geology Museum
Among the more than 100,000 specimens in the museum are: the invertebrate collections, which are rich in fossils of Devonian, Mississippian and Pennsylvanian rocks of Missouri and the midcontinent; the vertebrate collections, largely of Pleistocene mammals; the collection of conodonts, the most varied and complete of its kind in the world; the collections of fossil Charophytes, representing all known localities in North America and containing reference material from South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. The paleontologic collections of the Missouri Geological Survey also are located in the museum.

The mineral collections contain one of the most complete aggregates of materials from the famous Crestmore locality in California, many of them in crystal form; one of the finest collections of boron minerals in this country, a fine set of garnets, and many excellent crystals from the lead and zinc mines of southwest and southeast Missouri.

More than 1,800 species are represented in the Dana Collection. The DeMuth Collection contains fine specimens of polished fossil woods. For more information call (573) 882-6785.

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