Last updated 9/1/2018

2018 Environment and Natural Resources Skills Activity Skills Activity

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Associate Superintendent Contact Information

  • Dr. Richard Bockhop
  • University of Wisconsin-Platteville
  • Telephone (608) 342-1890
  • Email:
  • Purpose

  • The purpose of the Environment and Natural Resources skill activity is to examine students’ ability to perform skills related to water quality, sustainable agricultural practices, soil and water conservation, surveying, and biological waste handling.
  • Participants in this activity will work with soil and water conservation engineering concepts and equipment.
  • Students should be familiar with surveying equipment, irrigation equipment, water pumping equipment, legal land descriptions, water testing kits and concepts related to soil and water conservation engineering.
  • Possible activities for the 2018 event

  • Read and interpret a topographic map
  • Use a Plat map to determine and interpret legal land descriptions
  • Lay out a building so the corners are 90 degrees
  • Determine slope, cuts and fills, drainage, and area for laying out a farmstead building
  • Competencies

  • Read and interpret maps including conservation, land use, soils, topographic, aerial and remote sensing and geological surveys.
  • Interpret legal land descriptions and determine land area.
  • Conduct land surveying practices (e.g. determine elevation differences and/or slope)
  • Lay out grade stakes for cut/fills.
  • Lay out and map contour lines.
  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Content Standards

  • CS.01.02.01.b. Apply appropriate use of technologies in AFNR workplace scenarios.
  • CS.01.02.01.c. Solve problems in AFNR workplaces or scenarios using technology.
  • ESS.05.01.01.b. Apply surveying and mapping principles to a situation involving environmental service systems and identify and explain the use of equipment for surveying and mapping.
  • ESS.05.01.01.c. Demonstrate surveying and cartographic skills to make site measurements in order to address concerns and needs within an environmental service systems situation.
  • Suggested Resources

  • General references specified for the Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems CDE.
  • Koel, L, Mazur, G.A., Moniz, B. J., Radcliff, R.B. (2013). Agricultural Technical Systems and Mechanics. American Technical Publishers. Orlando Park, IL.

  • Please review the general references for the CDE. - CDE rules

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