Eric SandvolEric Sandvol
Assistant Professor
Department of Geological Sciences
University of Missouri
phone: (573) 884-9616
fax:    (573) 882-5458

I have always had a great deal of enthusiasm for exploring the earth. During my career in the earth sciences I have found that earthquake seismology offers some of the most prolific tools to image earth structure. I have been lucky enough to work in earthquake seismology for the past ten years in both the field and on the computer. I have conducted field research in many parts of Asia including Pakistan, Tibet, and Turkey. Much of my current research is focused on crustal and mantle earth structure in the Middle East. I have participated in or have lead research projects in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Turkey. I have listed some of these research projects below.

My Current Research



Some Sites for Earthquake Seismology


Turkey map

Eastern Turkey Seismic Experiment

Puna Seismic Experiment

splitting illustration

Shear Wave Splitting

wave propagation illustration

Regional Wave Propagation


Alboran Sea Project



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