Schedule for the

                   Conference on Hilbert Schemes, Vector Bundles and

                           Their Interplay with Representation Theory

                                              April 5-7, 2002

Friday, April 5 (Click here for the shuttle schedule)

12:50- 1:00  CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS Opening remarks
  1:00- 2:00 CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS W.-P. Li (HKUST), On 1-point Gromov-Witten invariants of the Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces
  2:30- 3:30  CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS E. Izadi (University of Georgia), Curves in abelian varieties
  4:00- 5:20  Parallel Sessions I, II & III (20-minute talks, see below)
  8:00-10:00  Party at Qin's residence (for those who drive, see the map in your package for directions)

Saturday, April 6 

  9:00-10:00  CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS D. Morrison (Duke), Group representations and elliptic Calabi-Yau threefolds
10:30-11:30  CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS K. Oguiso (University of Tokyo), Fourier-Mukai partners of K3 surfaces and applications
  1:00-  2:00  CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS J. Li (Stanford), Degeneration of moduli spaces
  2:30-  3:30  CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS W. Wang (MSRI & University of Virginia), Hilbert schemes of points, wreath products, and vertex algebras
  4:00-  5:50  Parallel Sessions IV, V & VI (20-minute talks, see below)
  6:15-  9:30  Banquet at T.O. Wright Conference Room-204, the Alumni & Visitor Center

Sunday, April 7 

  8:15-  9:15  CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS R. Friedman (Columbia), Spectral covers and representations
  9:30-10:30 CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS H. Nakajima (Kyoto University), Homology groups of moduli spaces of sheaves on K3 surfaces


                  Schedule of Sessions for 20-Minute Talks

Session I---Friday, April 5 (D. Edidin) 

  4:00-  4:20  208 GCB E. Gasparim (New Mexico State), Instanton numbers as invariants of curve singularities
  4:30-  4:50 208 GCB C.-H. Liu (Harvard), S_1-fixed points in Quot-schemes and mirror symmetry
  5:00-  5:20  208 GCB T. Nevins (MSRI), Sklyanin algebras and Hilbert schemes of points

Session II---Friday, April 5 (Z. Qin) 

  4:00-  4:20  209 GCB A. Iarrobino (Northeastern), The families G(T) of graded ideals in k[x,y], and partitions
  4:30-  4:50  209 GCB G.J. Pearlstein (UC-Irvine), Degenerations of mixed Hodge structure
  5:00-  5:20  209 GCB B. Kotzev (MU-Columbia), Holomorphic vector bundles on submanifolds of infinite dimensional projective spaces

Session III---Friday, April 5 (Q. Zhang) 

  4:00-  4:20  219 GCB Y. Kimiko (Kyoto University), Trivial polarization and moduli of sheaves
  4:30-  4:50 219 GCB D. Arcara (University of Georgia), Rank two vector bundles on singular curves
  5:00-  5:20  219 GCB A. Vitter (Tulane), Stable bundles of rank three on three-dimensional projective space

Session IV---Saturday, April 6 (Z. Qin) 

  4:00-  4:20  209 GCB W. Li (Oklahoma State), Semi-infinite cohomology and Floer cohomology
  4:30-  4:50 209 GCB C. Madonna (Univ. Roma 2), ACM vector bundles on the quintic threefold
  5:00-  5:20  209 GCB A. Caldararu (U. Mass), On the Chen-Ruan cohomology of hyperkahler quotients

Session V---Saturday, April 6 (Q. Zhang) 

  4:00-  4:20  217 GCB A. Mavlyutov (Indiana University), Non-polynomial deformations of Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces
  4:30-  4:50 217 GCB T. Luo (UT-Arlington), Holomorphic 1-forms on varieties of general type
  5:00-  5:20  217 GCB Y. Kachi (University of Tennessee), Valuative spectra, factorization and local geometry

Session VI---Saturday, April 6 (D. Edidin) 

  4:00-  4:20  219 GCB E. Markman (U. Mass), Reflections and monodromy for Hilbert schemes of points on K3 surfaces
  4:30-  4:50 219 GCB B. Purnaprajna (University of Kansas), Canonical covers of surfaces of minimal degree
  5:00-  5:20  219 GCB P. Rao (UM-St. Louis), Deformations of vector bundles on projective spaces
  5:30-  5:50  219 GCB X. Wu (University of South Carolina), Limiting linear subspaces on non-reduced schemes

  This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0118343 and by the National Security Agency under Grant No. MSPF-02IC-002.