Limnology at the University of Missouri

Graduate Student Opportunities

The Limnology Lab in the School of Natural Resources at the University of Missouri is seeking students (M.S. and Ph.D. candidates) interested in water quality issues.
Projects will be designed by the candidates, but will focus on harmful algal blooms and their response to interacting multiple stressors including climate change, eutrophication, landscape modification (i.e., agricultural and urban), and dreissenids (i.e., zebra mussels). Building upon a 40-year research program, candidates will study the interactions between nutrients and light as regulators of primary productivity and algal biomass in rivers and reservoirs. This information will be used to develop recommendations to mitigate nutrient loading and algal blooms, critical for the protection of Missouri’s water resources.
Interested candidates will conduct field work, laboratory analyses, and utilize statistical techniques to analyze their data and put it in perspective of the long-term dataset. The successful applicant will have strong skills in these areas, a collaborative nature, and a background and/or interest in limnology, aquatic ecology, and biogeochemistry. Strong writing skills are also desired.
To apply, please send the following to Rebecca North:

  1. Cover letter outlining your background, expertise, and interests
  2. Recent CV, and
  3. Unofficial transcripts


Start dates for these positions are flexible, anytime between January and May 2017 would be ideal. For further information on the Water Resources Graduate Emphasis Area in the School of Natural Resources at MU, including application requirements, please visit: