Teaching Philosophy

I believe the first step for any interested student of the arts is to first and foremost understand how he or she sees. This means acquiring a knowledge of the basics such as perspective, contrasts and color. This alone is a long project and can take a life time.
Once a basic understanding of these concepts is achieved then I have the students start into more complex arenas of art such as composition and concepts.
My job as a teacher is to help each student achieve their full potential technically by teaching them any shortcuts, understandings and skills that I have acquired throughout my career. More important than the technical skills is the students ability to express their thoughts and feeling in a way that resonates with viewers.
I also believe in a strong foundation in the knowledge of art history. This is why I read to my students about all matters of art, both contemporary and historical art. I believe that nothing new can be achieved unless there is a comprehensive study of what has been.

Teaching Experience

2000-2007 Private lessons
2008 Jefferson Junior High School residency
2008 Columbia College Summer Camp Workshop
2009 University of Missouri 2D Design