Konstantin Makarov

Professor of Mathematics

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Course Notes

Ph.D. Students

• Vita Borovyk (graduated 2008)

Box approximation and related techniques in spectral theory

•Anna Skripka (graduated 2007)

Trace formulae in finite von Neumann algebras

• Vladislav V. Melezhik (graduated 1995)

The quantum few-body scattering problem on singular potentials

• Vasilii A. Buslov (graduated 1992)

The hierarchy of time scales in the discrete orientation model


Master Students

• Billy Horwitz (graduated 2017)

Rise of Entrophy

• Bryan Novak (graduated 2017)

Inducing stability or instability in the special cases of the swing and pendulum

• Amanda Bright (graduated 2016)

Applications of Brouwer's Fixed Point Theorem

• Aaron Yeager (graduated 2013)

From the Law of Large Numbers to the Quantum Zeno Effect

•Alexei Kryuchkov (graduated 2004)

The Extended Matrix-Tree Theorem, Characteristic Polynomials, and Applications

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