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Student Opportunities
Student Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to work on research projects in paleontology and biogeochemistry at the undergraduate, M.S. and Ph.D. levels. Our research group uses multiple, parallel lines of evidence to better address paleontological and paleoceanographic questions. Samples studied come from land based sections and deep sea cores and research typically includes field work. Laboratory work includes traditional paleontological and biostratigraphic studies as well as geochemical analyses. The broad and accessible analytical capabilities in the department facilitates the latter. With this integrated approach we have tackled problems ranging from the age structure of cavefish populations in Missouri's caves to the ecological likes and dislikes of extinct foraminifera (and what that implies about the dynamics of greenhouse climates) to the timing, tempo, and causes of the P/T and K/T extinction events to paleoenvironmental conditions during the Early Paleozoic. Students finish with a firm grounding in fundamental paleontological techniques as well as expertise in measuring and interpreting a variety of geochemical data. The department has numerous TA positions available to fund graduate students, and all of my students, to date, have also been at least partially funded by research assistantships.

See Resources for research facilities and the Department Program in Biogeochemistry and Paleoenvironmental Studies.

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Current and Recent Students

  • present - Damon Bassett (Ph.D.) University of Missouri-Columbia
  • present - Carolina Isaza (Ph.D.) University of Missouri-Columbia
  • present - Daniel Basnett (M.S.) University of Missouri-Columbia
  • 2004 - Carolina Isaza (M.S.) University of Missouri-Columbia
  • 2003 - Damon Bassett (M.S.) University of Missouri-Columbia
  • 2002 - Diane M. Krueger, (Ph.D.) University of Missouri-Columbia

(committee member)

  • 2004 - Mike Formolo (Ph.D.) University of Missouri-Columbia
  • 2004 - Steve Bates (M.S.) University of Missouri-Columbia
  • 2004 - MooJoon Shim (M.S.) University of Missouri-Columbia
  • 2003 - Aaron Johnson (Ph.D.) University of Missouri-Columbia
  • 2002 - Cammy Bright (M.S.) University of Missouri-Columbia
  • 1999 - Jennifer Zwiebel (M.S.) University of Washington
  • 1998 - Yvette Maestas (M.S.) University of Washington

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Student Opportunities
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