R. Lee Lyman


I regularly teach Anth. 2020/2021 (Fundamentals of Archaeology), Anth. 4820/7820 (Zooarchaeology), and Anth. 8020 (History of Anthropology II� Biological/Physical Anthropology and Archaeology). In all of my classes I use my own research, whether accomplished 20 years ago, yesterday, or on-going, to help illustrate various concepts, methods of research, or theories.

My job as a teacher involves two inter-related goals: (a) ensuring that students learn the subject matter, and (b) prompting students to develop and perfect their reasoning skills. I expect more from students than an ability to regurgitate definitions or discussions of concepts; I expect them to produce well-reasoned arguments concerning how and why one concept, method, or theory (paradigm or approach) is to be preferred over an alternative.