Policy Reports:

  • Jobs and Growth Blueprint for Missouri
  • The focus of this document is to give a detailed overview of promising policies to bring prosperity back to Missouri through higher economic growth, more jobs, and larger paychecks. Some of these reforms were passed into law during the 2017 legislative session, but much remains to be done.

  • A Guide to Tax Reform in Missouri
  • Over the past two decades, Missouri's economy has gone from 1/50th of the U.S. economy to 1/60th, and Missouri has ranked between 40th and 50th among the states in economic growth for several years running. Fortunately, frontier academic research and best practices from other states point to a set of bold, proven tax reform ideas for increasing job creation, economic growth, take-home pay, and innovation. Furthermore, even in the face of potential institutional and political headwinds, several promising reforms exist for policymakers who are looking seriously to improve Missouri's economic performance.