Policy Work


In addition to my faculty position at Mizzou, I am currently visiting senior fellow and acting director of academic outreach at the Center for Growth and Opportunity, which is dedicated to exploring "the scientific foundations of the interaction between individuals, business, and government to improve well-being for individuals and society." My other policy experience includes time at the Heritage Foundation and the International Trade Commission, an affiliation with the St. Louis Federal Reserve, service in senior advisory roles for political campaigns and state government entities within Missouri, and participation in various events held by the Show-Me Institute. I have also worked extensively with several faculty members in the Sanford Institute of Public Policy at Duke University on K-12 policy.


Show-Me Institute Criminal Justice Reform Panel
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On 9/26/2017, Columbia College hosted the Show-Me Institute’s panel discussion on criminal justice reform, “Behind Bars in Missouri — Who is Paying the Price?” I addressed the economics of criminal justice reform with a focus on trends, underlying causes, and implications for reform.

Policy Reports:

Jobs and Growth Blueprint for Missouri

This document gives a detailed overview of promising policies to bring prosperity back to Missouri through higher economic growth, more jobs, and larger paychecks. Some of these reforms were passed into law during the 2017 legislative session, but much remains to be done.

A Guide to Tax Reform in Missouri

Over the past two decades, Missouri's economy has gone from 1/50th of the U.S. economy to 1/60th, and Missouri has ranked between 40th and 50th among the states in economic growth for several years running. Fortunately, frontier academic research and best practices from other states point to a set of bold, proven tax reform ideas for increasing job creation, economic growth, take-home pay, and innovation. Furthermore, even in the face of potential institutional and political headwinds, several promising reforms exist for policymakers who are looking seriously to improve Missouri's economic performance.

Opinion Pieces:

Tax Reform Conservatives Can Get Behind (National Review)

Overhaul Our Dysfunctional Tax Code (St. Louis Post Dispatch)

The Free Market Can Deliver a Better Health Care Solution (KC Star)

How to Craft an Effective, Politically Viable Repeal-and-Replace Bill (National Review)