Join the Harmata Group!

We need undergraduate and graduate students!!

Training in the Harmata group consists of work on methodology, mechanism, and total synthesis directed toward the synthesis of a variety of pharmaceutically and biologically important compounds. If you are enamored with organic chemistry and thrill to the ability to design and create new processes and molecules, join us! But beware!! You need a strong work ethic, an intellectual commitment to chemistry, and ambition. With our powers combined, we can create wonders the likes of which the known universe has never seen before. Oddly enough, that is actually true. We create new methods and new molecules that, to the best of are knowledge, nobody in the universe has made. Granted, we settle for nobody on the planet, but any act of creation is deeply satisfying. And, incredibly enough, the work turns out to be fun and empowering.

If you are an undergraduate, all you need do is contact me I generally prefer students who have completed the sophomore organic chemistry lab sequence, but I have had high school students in my lab who fearlessly try reactions with which they have had little experience.

If you are a potential graduate student, please read the sentence below. To join my group, you first have to apply to the program!

To apply to the Department of Chemistry at the University of Missouri-Columbia visit this site and follow the instructions. You'll be glad you did.