Harmata Research Fund

The Harmata Research Fund Prospectus

The Harmata Research Fund was established in 1998 to ensure a stable funding environment for the pursuit of organic chemical research at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Donors to the fund provide the means by which fundamental and applied chemistry research can be maintained at a high level of vigor regardless of the tides taken by funding agencies.

The Harmata group is involved in the synthesis and design of interesting and biologically important molecules which have potential applications in fields as diverse as molecular electronics, cell biology and medicine. The focus is on the education of graduate and undergraduate students while simultaneously pursuing state-of-the-art synthetic and medicinal organic chemical research.

To make your tax-deductible contribution to the Harmata Research Fund, please send your check, payable to the University of Missouri, to:

The Harmata Research Fund
Department of Chemistry
University of Missouri-Columbia
601 South College Avenue
Columbia, Missouri 65211

We thank you for your contribution and promise to maintain the highest level of integrity in pursuit of our research goals. To obtain further information about our research program, please explore this website.