Education and Professional Experience

1989; PhD, UCLA (advisor Michael Christ, University of California, Berkeley)
1989-1991; J. W. Gibbs instructorship at Yale University
1991-1992; Military Service, Greece
1992-1994; Visiting Assistant Professor at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri
1994-1997; Tenure-track Assistant Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia
1997-2002; Tenured Associate Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia
2002-present; Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia

Honors and Awards

Kemper award for excellence in teaching (April 2002).
Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Activity in the Physical and Mathematical Sciences (2008).
Funded by the National Science Foundation: DMS 9623120 (1996 - 2000), DMS 0099881 (2001 - 2004), DMS 0400387 (2004 - 2009), DMS 0900946 (2009 - 2013).
Funded by the Simons Foundation: Award Number 315380 (2014 - 2019).
M. L. Defoe Distinguished Professorship of Mathematics (2012-2017).

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Selected Invited Lectures

1. Lecture at the conference in honor of Stylianos Pichorides ``Harmonic Analysis from the Pichorides viewpoint'' held at the University of Crete, Greece, July 23-29, 1995.
2. Lecture at the ``Seventh International Workshop in Analysis and its Applications'' held in Orono, Maine, May 31-June 6, 1997.
3. Lecture at the conference entitled ``Geometric Aspects of Fourier and Functional Analysis'' held in Kiel, Germany, August 10-14, 1998.
4. Three lectures on the theme of ``Multilinear Singular Integrals'' at the Instituto de Matematicas, Cuernavaca, Mexico, March 23-25, 1999.
5. Lecture at the Summer Research Conference meeting held in Mount Holyoke, Massachussetts, June 25-July 5, 2001.
6. Lecture at the ICM 2002 satellite conference in Harmonic Analysis held in Hangzhou, China, August 14-18, 2002.
7. Two lectures at the 19th Auburn miniconference on harmonic analysis and related areas, Auburn, Alabama, November 22-23, 2002.
8. Lecture at the Workshop in Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, June 23-27, 2003.
9. Lecture at the 7th lnternational Conference on Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, El Escorial, Spain, June 21-25, 2004.
10. Two lectures at the annual ``Harmonic Analysis and its Applications'' meeting held in Sapporo, Japan, August 22-24, 2005.
11. Lecture at the CRM ``Workshop on Fourier Analysis, geometric measure theory and applications'' held in Barcelona (June 6-9, 2006).
12. Lecture at the ICM 2006 satellite conference in Harmonic Analysis held in Sevilla, Spain, August 14-18, 2006.
13. Lecture at the meeting ``Trends in Harmonic Analysis" held in Strobl, Austria, June 17-23, 2007.
14. Lecture at the ``Workshop on Harmonic Analysis" held at the Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada, February 19-23, 2008.
15. Minicourse (3 hours) at the ``Spring school in harmonic analysis and PDE 2008" held at the Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, June 2-6, 2008.
16. Keynote speaker at the 12th New Mexico Analysis Seminar (Albuquerque, NM), April 22-25, 2009.
17. Minicourse (5 hours) at the CRM (Barcelona, Spain) entitled: ``Multilinear Harmonic Analysis", May 4-8, 2009.
18. Two lectures at the 24th Auburn miniconference on harmonic analysis and related areas, Auburn, Alabama, December 4-5, 2009.
19. Plenary lecture at the ICM 2010 satellite conference in Harmonic Analysis held in Bhubanswar, India, August 29-September 2, 2010.
20. Invited lectures (3 hours) at the 9th International School on Nonlinear Analysis, Function Spaces, and Applications, Třešt', Czech Republic, September 11-17, 2010.
21. Invited lectures (2 hours) at the ``Harmonic Analysis and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations" Workshop at the Res. Inst. Math. Sci. (RIMS), Kyoto University, Japan, July 4-6, 2011.
22. Central Speaker at the 29th Meeting of the Greek Mathematical Society, Kalamata, Greece, November 9-11, 2012. link
23. Karl Stromberg Memorial Lecture Speaker, Kansas State University, February 28, 2013.
24. Fourier February Talks, Invited Speaker, February 20, 2015.
25. Banach spaces and Operator Theory with Applications, Main speaker, University of Wroclaw, July 3-6, 2017.
26. First Congress of Greek Mathematicians, Plenary speaker, Athens, Greece, June 20-25, 2018.
27. Function Spaces XII, Invited speaker, Kraków, Poland, July 9-14, 2018.
28. ICM 2018 Satellite Conference in Harmonic Analysis, Plenary speaker, Porto Alegre, Brazil, July 24-29, 2018.


Editorial Service

Collectenea Mathematica (since 2018)
Mathematische Annalen (since 2017)
Commentationes Mathematicae (since 2015)
Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications (since 2010)
Journal of Geometric Analysis (since 2009)
Journal of Pseudo-Differential Operators and Applications (since 2009)
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications (2002-2010)

Doctoral Students

Atanas Stefanov, PhD 1999, University of Kansas, Professor.
Xiaochun Li, PhD 2001, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Professor.
Erin Terwilleger, PhD 2002, formerly at Westminster College; before that tenured Associate Professor at the University of Connecticut. 
Dmitriy Bilyk, PhD 2005, University of Minnesota, Associate Professor.
Petr Honzik, PhD 2005, School of Mathematics, Charles University, Czech Republic, Senior Assistant Professor.
Geoff Diestel, PhD 2006, Texas A&M-Central Texas University, Assistant Professor.
Christopher Sansing, PhD 2006, Department of Defense.
Marco Annoni, PhD 2010, Wilbur Wright College, College of DuPage.
Hanh Van Nguyen, PhD 2016, University of Alabama, Postdoctoral Researcher.
Danqing He, PhD 2016, Zhongshan University, Postdoctoral Researcher.

Masters Students

Linqiao Zhao, MA 2003
Christopher Sansing, MA 2003
Alexander Samborsky, MA 2005
Brian Thompson (Brian Tuomanen), MA 2012
Rebecca Heinen, MA 2017
Caleb Mayfield, MA 2017
Hakan Delibas, MA 2017



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