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Merriam-Webster: Light-Based Technology, Solar Cells (Light to Electricity, cf. SP13) and Photocatalysis (Light to Chemical Energy)
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CEN 05-23-2014: Rethinking Photocatalysis By Mitch Jacoby. (PDF)
CEN 11-03-2014: Cleaning Indoor Air: Alternatives To Precious-Metal Catalysts By Mitch Jacoby. (PDF)
CEN 11-10-2014: Dimming The Lights On Photocatalysis By Mitch Jacoby. (PDF, PDF with newtools added)

NYT 11-28-2006: Church on the Edge of Rome Offers a Solution to Smog By Elisabetta Povoledo. (PDF)
NYT 01-23-2008: Resistant Bacteria Meet Reality Television By Tara Parker-Pope. (PDF)
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Review Articles on Photocatalysis
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Environmental Applications of Photocatalysis
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Photocatalytic Water-to-H2 Conversion
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Photocatalytic Fuel-to-H2 Conversion
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Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction to CO, HCOOH,..., Fuel
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Photocatalytic Biomass-to-Fuel Conversion
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