Weekly Assignments on "Scientific Writing":
Nutraceuticals: Sources, Delivery & Functions

Assignment #1: Writing Text (01/27/14). Rubric (01/27/14). Sample as PDF, as DOC and as DOCX.
Assignment #2: Creating & Integrating Schemes (01/27/14). Rubric (01/27/14). Sample as PDF and as DOCX.
Assignment #3: Tables, Descriptive Statistics, Histograms & Bell Curves (01/27/14). Data as DOC file and as DOCX file. Rubric (01/27/14). Sample as XLSX and PDF.
Assignment #4: Functions, Graphs and Regression (01/27/14). Source as PDF and direct link. Rubric (01/27/14). Sample as XLSX, DOCX, and PDF. Example #1 as XLSX, DOCX, and PDF. Example #2 as DOCX and PDF.
Assignment #5: Searching, Bibliography, and Database (01/27/14). Rubric (01/27/14, updated 3/5/14). Sample as PDF.
Assignment #6: Oral Presentation (01/27/14). Rubric (01/27/14). Presentation Schedule.
Presentation Award Winners (by peer review, PDF format): Gold, Silver, Bronze, Histogram.
Assignment #7: Data Mining & Molecular Modeling of Superoxide Dismutase (02/01/14). Rubric (02/01/14). RCSB Protein Data Bank. Superoxide Dismutase. Reviews 1 with unified structure-based mechanism, 2, and 3. Helpful information: Jmol Mousing Around and Jmol Interactions; Jmol/JSmol interactive scripting documentation; check out "select" under examples. Protein Workshop. How to Take Screen Shots Using Windows. How to Take Screen Shots on Macs. Samples 1 (Mn), 2 (Ni), and 3 (Mn).

Assignment #8: Materials, Methods, & Appendix (02/01/14). Rubric (02/01/14). Sample as PDF.
Assignment #9: Preparation of Manuscript and Cover Letter for Submission (02/01/14, bundled with A08). No rubric for A09; A09 will be peer-reviewed by 3-fold, written, anonymous peer review in A10.
Assignment #10: Written Scientific Peer Review (02/01/14). No rubric for A10; the quality of the peer reviews is not assessed formally.
Assignment #11: Rebuttal Letter, Revision of Manuscript, and Graphical Abstract (02/01/14). Rubric (02/01/14).
Revised Paper Award Winners (by peer review): Gold, Silver, Bronze. Histogram A11 PR Scores (05/05/14).

Course Outcomes: Course Histogram (05/05/14). Course Keywords Wordle Images 1, 2 & 3 (05/05/14).

Scientific Writing & Peer Review: Manuscript Preparation, Review and Revision
Assignments #9 - #11 constitute a contiguous sequence and the three assignments result in one overall score. The review of A#9 will be Assignment #10 and every submission will be peer reviewed by three groups/individuals. In Assignment #11, the manuscript is revised and resubmitted, along with a rebuttal letter, for a second peer review by the same three referees. This second review will be a rubric-based peer review and the average score is the A11 score.