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A Decomposition Theorem for Frames and the Weak Feichtinger Conjecture pdf

A Fundamental Identity for Parseval Frames pdf

A Generalization of Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization Generating all Parseval Frames pdf

A Physical Iinterpretation for Finite Tight Frames pdf

A Redundant Version of the Rado-Horn Theorem pdf

An Introduction to Irregular Weyl-Heisenberg Frames pdf

Analyzing the Weyl-Heisenberg Frame Identity pdf

Approximation of the Inverse Frame Operator using Finite Dimensional Methods pdf

Bracket Products for Weyl-Heisenberg Frames pdf

Characterizing Hilbert Space Frames with the Subframe Property pdf

Chirps on Finite Cyclic Groups pdf

Classifying Tight Weyl-Heisenberg Frames pdf

Constructing Infinite Tight Frames pdf

Custom Building Finite Frames pdf


Decompositions of Frames and a New Frame Identity pdf

Deficits and Excesses of Frames pdf

Density, Overcompleteness, and Localization of Frames pdf

Density, Overcompleteness, and Localization of Frames I. Theory pdf

Density, Overcompleteness, and Localization of Frames II. Gabor Systems pdf

Duality Principles in Frame Theory pdf

Duality Principles, Localization of Frames, and Gabor Theory pdf

Every Frame is a Sum of Three (But not Two) Orthonormal Bases—and other Frame Representations pdf

Excess of Parseval Frames pdf

Excesses of Gabor frames pdf

Existence and Construction of Finite Tight Frames pdf

Fourier Transforms of Finite Chirps pdf

Frames Containing a Riesz Basis and Preservation of this Property under Perturbations pdf

Frames for Banach Spaces pdf

Frames of Subspaces pdf

Frames of Translates pdf

Frames with a Given Frame Operator pdf


Gabor Frames over Irregular Lattices pdf

Genus N Banach Spaces pdf

Hilbert Spacce Frames, Restricted Invertibility and the Paving Conjecture pdf


Local Theory of Frames and Schauder Bases for Hilbert Space pdf


Modern Tools for Weyl-Heisenberg pdf

On Riesz-Fischer Sequences and Lower Frame Bounds pdf

On Signal Reconstruction from Absolute Value of Frame Coefficients pdf

On Signal Reconstruction Without Noisy Phase pdf


Path Connectedness of Wavelet Transform pdf

Perturbation of Operators and Applications to Frame Theory pdf

Perturbations and Iirregular Sampling Theorems for Frames pdf

Perturbations of Weyl-Heisenberg Frames pdf

Physical Laws Governing Finite Tight Frames pdf

Projections of Frames pdf

Roots of Complex Polynomials and Weyl-Heisenberg Frame sets pdf


The Art of Frame Theory pdf

The Kadison-Singer Problem in Mathematics and Engineering pdf

The Kadison-Singer Problem in Mathematics and Engineering: A Detailed Account pdf


Uniform Tight Frames with Erasures pdf

Weyl-Heisenberg Frames for Subspaces of L2(R) pdf

Weyl-Heisenberg Frames, Translation Invariant Systems and the Walnut Representation pdf


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