Pete Casazza

Recent Publications

A Frame Theory Primer for the Kadison-Singer Problem pdf

A Mathematician's Survival Guide pdf

Classes of Finite Equal Norm Parseval Frames pdf

Coefficient Quantization for Frames in Banach Spaces pdf

Equivalence of Reconstruction from the Absolute Value of the Frame Coefficients to a Sparse Representation Problem pdf

Equivalents of the Kadison-Singer Problem pdf

Fast Algorithms for Signal Reconstruction without Phase pdf

Frame Expansions in Separable Banach Spaces pdf

Frames and the Kadison-Singer Problem pdf

Frames for Linear Reconstruction Without Phase pdf

Fusion Frames and Distributed Processing pdf

Fusion Frames and Theoretical Applications pdf

Minimizing Fusion Frame Potentials pdf

Painless Reconstruction from Magnitudes of Frame Coefficients pdf

Problems on Paving and the Kadison-Singer Problem pdf

Projections and the Kadison-Singer Problem pdf

Real Equiangular Frames pdf

Redundancy for Localized Frames pdf

Revisiting the Bourgain-Tzafriri Restricted Invertibility Theorem pdf

Robustness of Fusion Frames under Erasures of Subspaces and of Local frame Vectors pdf

Sums of Hilbert Space Frames pdf

The Kadison-Singer Problem and the Uncertainty Principle pdf

The Known Equal Norm Parseval Frames as of 2005 pdf

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