John E. Adams, PhD ACSF


Curators Distinguished Teaching Professor (Emeritus as of 9/1/15)

Department of Chemistry

University of Missouri-Columbia

601 S. College Avenue

Columbia, MO 65211-7600



Career links

Curriculum vitae

Most recent teaching (physical chemistry, general chemistry)

FALL 2014: CHEM 1320, College Chemistry I

SPRING 2015: CHEM 3330, Physical Chemistry II

FALL 2015: CHEM 1320H, Honors College Chemistry I

SPRING 2016: CHEM 1330H, Honors College Chemistry II

Research (theoretical chemical dynamics)


Professional involvement links (current)

American Chemical Society

Director, District V (2013-2018)

2018 ACS bio; 2018 ACS "campaign statement"; 2018 ACS "campaign statement" (short version); more information

Chair, Board of Directors (2018)

Board Executive Committee (2016-1018), Chair (2018)

Committee on Audits (2013-2018)

Governing Board for Publishing (2018)

C&EN Editorial Board (2018)

Development Advisory Board (2018)

Strategic Planning Committee (2017-2018)

Board of Trustees, Group Insurance Plans for ACS Members (1997-2000, 2011-2019), Chair (2016-2018)

Midwest Regional Meeting Board (Webmaster, Historian)

Alpha Chi Sigma, Professional Chemistry Fraternity (Parliamentarian; past national president)

Alpha Chi Sigma Educational Foundation (member, Trustee, Secretary-Treasurer)

Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi (University of Missouri chapter, Treasurer)


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