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Conference on Survival Analysis and Its Applications

October 16 - 18, 2008

Memorial Union

University of Missouri-Columbia

October 15, 2008


7:00pm - 10:00pm        Registration and Reception

Location: The New Hampton Inn and Suites


October 16, 2008 Memorial Union N103B, C


7:30am-5:20pm         Registration


8:10am-8:30am         Opening remarks


8:30am-9:30am         Plenary Session I


Estimation of HIV Incidence Based on Cross-Sectional Prevalence Data

Stephen Lagakos, Harvard University


9:30am-9:50am         Coffee break


9:50am-11:50am        Invited Session I


Inference on Association Measure for Bivariate Survival Data with Hybrid Censoring and
Application to an HIV Study

Ying Zhang, University of Iowa


Semi-parametric Regression Models for Length-biased and Right-censored Failure Time Data

Yu Shen, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center


Analysis of Longitudinal and Failure Time Data with Missing Observations

Dianne Finkelstein, Harvard University


11:50am-1:20pm     Lunch


12:30am-5:20pm     Poster session


October 16, 2008 (Continued)

1:20pm-3:00pm     Contributed Session I


A Joint Survival and Marker Model for Current Status Data

Xin He, Ohio State University


Predicting Credit Card Attrition Curves

Alfred Furth, South Dakota State University


Variable Selection for Recurrent Event Data via Nonconcave Penalized Estimating Function

Liang Zhu, St. Jude Children Hospital


A New Angle to Log-Rank Test

MiOk Kim, University of Cincinnati


3:00pm-3:20pm     Coffee break


3:20pm-5:20pm     Invited Session II


Variable Selection in Accelerated Failure Time Models with High-dimensional Data

Jian Huang, University of Iowa


Nonparametric Bayes Modeling of Onset and Progression from Current

Status Data

Lianming Wang_ and David B. Dunson, University of South Carolina


Misclassified Current Status Data

Nicholas Jewell, University of California at Berkeley


October 17, 2008 Memorial Union S203


8:30am-9:30am      Plenary Session II


Threshold Regression for Survival Analysis: Modeling Event Times by a Stochastic Process Reaching a Boundary

Mei-Ling Lee, University of Maryland


9:30am-9:50am         Coffee break


9:50am-11:50am        Invited Session III


Recurrent Episodes Analysis: the Length-frequency Tradeoff

Jason Fine, University of North Carolina


Empirical Likelihood Analysis for the Heteroscedastic Accelerated Failure Time Model

Mai Zhou_, M. Kim and A. Bathke, University of Kentucky


Discretizing a Continuous Covariate in Censored Data Regression Models

John Klein, Medical College of Wisconsin

11:50am-1:20pm Lunch


October 17, 2008    (Continued)


1:20pm-3:00pm      Contributed Session II


Semiparametric Analysis of Recurrent Gap Times Using the Additive Hazards Model

DoHwan Park, University of Nevada


Estimation of the Mean Quality-adjusted Survival Time

Gisela Tunes da Silva_, Antonio Carlos Pedroso de Lima and P. K. Sen,

Medical College of Wisconsin


Effcient Estimation for Bivariate Current Status Data with the Proportional Odds Model

Bin Zhang, University of Missouri


Semiparametric Analysis of Mixture Regression Models with Competing Risks Data

Wenbin Lu, North Carolina State University


3:00pm-3:20pm      Coffee break


3:20pm-5:20pm      Invited Session IV


Zhiliang Ying


A Class of Mean Residual Life Regression Models with Censored Survival Data

Liuquan Sun and Qiang Zhao*, Texas State University at San Marcos


Nonparametric Inference for State Waiting Times in Multistate Models

Somnath Datta, University of Louisville


6:00pm-9:00pm        Banquet
                                 Location: Alumni Center  


October 18, 2008 Memorial Union N103B, C


8:30am-9:30am         Plenary Session III


Statistical Analysis of Illness Death (or Semi-competing Risks) Data

Jack Kalbeisch, University of Michigan


9:30am-9:50am      Coffee break


9:50am-11:50am    Invited Session V


Estimating Incidence Rate on Incomplete Data with Application to Pediatric Cancer Survivor Study

Shesh Rai, University of Louisville


Robust Estimation of Semiparametric Regression Model with Longitudinal Data

Yanqing Sun, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Semiparametric Proportional Means Model for Marker Data Contingent on Recurrent Event

Jianwen Cai, University of North Carolina


11:50am-12:00pm     Closing remarks