Winemiller 2008 Conference on Survival Analysis and Its Applications

University of Missouri
Columbia, MO
October 16 – 18, 2008

    Survival analysis is an exciting and dynamic area of research that provides statistical tools to many non-statistics fields. Traditionally driven by applications in biological and medical studies and reliability experiments, it has been and is still under demand for constant development and refinement. Recently, the applications of survival analysis in many other fields have started to grow rapidly which bring new challenges and issues to the field of survival analysis and thus calls for more attention to and development in survival analysis. They include many areas in demographics, economics, finance, political science, psychology and sociology. The main objective of the conference is to bring together researchers in all these fields to enhance our understanding of various issues and to discuss current development in survival analysis and its applications.

    The Department of Statistics of the University of Missouri has sponsored and hosted six conferences on applied statistics. These have been known as The Winemiller Symposia on Applied Statistics in 2000-2004. The goal of the Winemiller Symposia is to communicate the value of statistical and methodological techniques in an applied setting. Originally the symposium was designed to help create a campus-wide community of scholars. Since 2004, the symposium has been expanded to include graduate students and scholars from other institutes in the nation and is to be held every two years.

    The conference will feature three plenary talks by Professor Jack Kalbfleisch from the University of Michigan, Professor Steven Lagakos from Harvard University, and Professor Mei-Ling Lee from Ohio State University. In addition, there will be invited talks by established and outstanding researchers in the fields of survival analysis and its applications and a limited number of contributed talks and posters will be accepted.

This conference is sponsored by the Department of Statistics at the University of Missouri and the NISS/SAMSI University Affiliates program, which enables attendees from NISS/SAMSI affiliate institutions access to their affiliates reimbursement accounts to defray costs associated with attending this meeting.

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