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BE2080 Introduction to Programming for Engineers

This course teaches how to write scientific programs for analysis of data and simulation of physical phenomena using Matlab. Students will learn to write computer programs using Matlab to read/write data files, process data, and display data. The major topics will be covered include:

BE4770/7770 Biomedical Optics

This course is offered every spring semester. It is designed for upper level undergraduate students and graduate students. The fundamentals of Biomedical Optics will be covered including basic engineering principles used in optical therapeutics, optical diagnostics.

BE8087 Graduate Seminar

The course focuses primarily on the basic skills and tools needed to complete a research thesis-based graduate degree.

BE8402 Research Methods

Recent investigations in biological engineering and related fields. Discussion of current literature; preparation and presentation of papers.

BE8770 Optical Imaging in Turbid Media

This course aims to provide a solid understanding of tissue optical properties. Simulation experiences of light transport in tissue will be discussed, as well as different bioptic imaging approaches.