Quantum Computational Complexity in Curved Spacetime
(The above will also be an upcoming book chapter)
Space-Based Quantum Sensing for Low-Power Detection of Small Targets
(The above describes the use of satellite-based quantum radar systems to detect threats from space, e.g., an asteroid on a collision trajectory with the earth. Slides from a conference presentation can be found HERE.)

Results subsequent to the above book can be found in:
Error Scaling in Fault Tolerant Quantum Computation

I'm co-editor of the following quantum computing books:

Approximability of Optimization Problems through Adiabatic Quantum Computation, William Cruz-Santos, Guillermo Morales-Luna

Adiabatic Quantum COmputation and Quantum Annealing, Catherine McGeoch
Negative Quantum Channels, James McCracken

High-Level Structures for Quantum Computing, Jaroslaw Miszcak

The Complexity of Noise: A Philosophical Outlook on Quantum Error Correction, Amit Hagar

Broadband Quantum Cryptography, Daniel J. Rogers

Quantum Walks for Computer Scientists, Salvador Venegas-Andraca

Quantum Radar, Marco Lanzagorta

Very short paper on QM interpretation.