1. I obtained an interesting result on prime factor-related binary number systems while working on my MS thesis around 1985-86. I didn't include it there so I later attached it as an appendix in my Oxford doctoral dissertation.

2. The following is an interesting little nugget I developed during my MS days that I thought was useless but ended up being useful:

Yes, the above is a sorting algorithm. When I arrived at NRL in 1987 I worked on a Cray supercomputer with pipeline parallelization, and it turned out that the compiler couldn't parallelize conditional (if-then) instruction sequences. My ridiculous sorting method proved to be faster than other sorts for small datasets and could speed up sorting of large datasets when used as the base-case subroutine for quick sort and merge sort, so I published a little paper about it.

Using modular arithmetic it's possible to reduce the above to a single loop so that what it does becomes even more obscure. Fun stuff!!