A Generalized Matrix Inverse that is Consistent with Respect to Diagonal Transformations
Robustness of Wilks' Conservative Estimate of Confidence Intervals
Gap-Measure Tests with Applications to Data Integrity Verification
Space-Based Quantum Sensing for Low-Power Detection of Small Targets
Covariance Consistency Methods for Fault-Tolerant Distributed Data Fusion

Authored or co-authored four chapters:
Chapter 4 - Introduction to the Algorithms of Data Association in Multiple-Target Tracking
Chapter 11 - An Introduction to the Combinatorics of Optimal and Approximate Data Association
Chapter 14 - General Decentralized Data Fusion with Covariance Intersection
Chapter 15 - Data Fusion in Nonlinear Systems

Related paper:
On the Equivalence of the General Covariance Union (GCU) and Minimum Enclosing Ellipsoid (MEE) Problems

My Oxford Doctoral Dissertation:
Abstract & Table of Contents
Scan of Full Dissertation (size is ~60M)

NASA Mars Rover: A Testbed for Evaluating Applications of Covariance Intersection