Suits Group

Research in the Suits group employs a broad range of experimental techniques to probe fundamental chemical reaction dynamics and photochemistry.

Many of these use DC slice velocity map imaging and other methods to probe scattering in crossed or co-propagating molecular beams, atomic orbital and spin polarization in photodissociation, cold collisions and quantum aspects of roaming radical reactions, reaction kinetics and dynamics and low temperature, and ultrafast dissociation dynamics.  The instruments employed in these experiments and selected applications are discussed in greater detail in the links below.

Alpha:          Crossed beam reactive scattering

Beta:           High-resolution velocity map photodissociation

SPH:           Imaging angular momentum polarization in photodissociation

CPUF:        Chirped-pulse mmWave spectroscopy in uniform supersonic flows

UF-CRDS: cw-Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy in uniform supersonic flows

Intrabeam: Intrabeam and copropragating beam scattering for cold collisions

Femto:       Multimass and Coulomb Explosion Imaging of photodissociation