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Shear-Wave Splitting

In my Ph.D. studies at New Mexico State University I worked on lithospheric and upper mantle deformation as derived from the observations of seismic anisotropy; specifically shear wave splitting.  I have made observations of shear-wave splitting in variety of diverse tectonic environments including the Rio Grande Rift, Pakistan Himalayas, Tibet, and most recently in eastern Turkey and other portions of the Middle East.

Shear-wave splitting is a very exciting tool since it has the potential for giving us seismologists some insight into the nature of deformation ongoing in the mantle .

My current research on shear-wave splitting is very interesting given the results that I and others have obtain when analyzing seismic polarization anisotropy in Tibet. We have found a very consistent pattern of shear-wave splitting in Eastern Turkey that  identification of seismic events in the region. This research is very important in determining how the international community will monitor a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Please see our web site for more information on my GIS work: http://atlas.geo.cornell.edu/turkey/turkey.html

More recently, I have been helped develop an experiment in Eastern Turkey which will help us understand the early stages of Continent-Continent Collision. Eastern

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Event from
Japan subduction zone
and from Taiwan
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chart shear-wave splitting shear-wave splitting

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