Mitigation Tests

Field test of small-scale biofilters, for odor and air emission mitigation.

Mitigation Tests Image 1

A small-scale biofilter being tested at a commercial swine operation

Mitigation Tests Image 2

Enclosure was used to capture treated exhaust stream, for effectiveness measurement

Mitigation Tests Image 3

Airflow restriction measurement at the biofilter enclosure outlet area

Mitigation Tests Image 4

Moisture supply and control is critical for the effectiveness of such small-scale biofilters

Mitigation Tests Image 5

Dried Distiller Grain Solubles (DDGs) and Best Management Practices (BMPs) can reduce ammonia emission from high-rise later house upto 70%. Please see figure above, showing daily mean ammonia emissions, House 1 was untreated, House 2 was treated.

Electrostatic Precipitator. Some livestock and poultry houses can have high particulate matters, electrostatic precipitation ionizes air PM through electrodes, and charged PM can then be collected (grounded) faster. An advantage is relatively low pressure drop, but the high working voltage can be a hazard.

Mitigation Tests Image 6

Charger of the electrostatic precipitator

Mitigation Tests Image 7

PM accumulated on the ground panel, periodic maintenance is important

Particulate Impaction Curtain. The PIC reduces particulate matter by impaction forces, but the high pressure drop can be a challenge to existing airflow system, and cleaning and maintenance is critical.

Mitigation Tests Image 8

The PM loaded onto a section of the impaction curtain wall

Mitigation Tests Image 9

Maintenance and cleaning of the curtain is critical to making the system work effectively

Adding Alum (aluminum sulfate) for Ammonia Mitigation. High ammonia concentration and emission can be a problem for intensive poultry operation. Adding alum as litter amendment can reduce ammonia volatilization, increase total and soluble N and N/P ratios. Costs (dry alum is more expensive) and maintenance can be problems of such mitigation practices.

Mitigation Tests Image 10

Liquid alum storage tank is needed to store the chemical for frequent application

Mitigation Tests Image 11

Applying dry alum powder onto manure surfaces

Mitigation Tests Image 12

Spraying nozzle and tube for frequent addition of liquid alum