Professor Lampo Leong


BRUSHES: (000 the smallest to 24 the largest) (use soft brushes for Acrylic)

Sable brushes are soft and springy, good for fine details, but expensive
or Synthetic brushes, soft and stiff-hair, make an economical alternative
Flat: #2, #4, #7, #12;
#2, #4, #8;
Filbert: #2, #4, #8, #12;
1”, 1.5”, 2”
Fan Blender: #2;
Round: #2, #4, #6;
Pointed Round: #1, #2;

Scriptliner, Rigger: #2
Chinese & Sumi: Big hard (1.5" wolf's hair, Dalanzhu), Small hard (1/2", Yejin)

ACRYLIC COLOR: (Artist-quality Acrylic paint: Golden, Liquitex, Windor & Newton)

A set of Acrylic paint in tubes (at least 8 colors) or various individual tubes (2 fl.oz.):
Titanium white, Zinc white, Hansa yellow medium (Cadmium yellow light), Yellow ochre,
Naphthol red light (Indo orange red, Cadmium red), Quinacridone magenta (Naphthol crimson, Permanent rose), Alizarin crimson (Quinacridone violet), Dioxazine purple, Raw sienna, Burnt umber, Carbon black (Mars black), Phthalo Blue (Prussian blue, Ultramarine blue, Phthalicyanine blue), Phthalo green

PALETTE & Mixing Trays or Dishes:
      Palette - Masonie, plastic, white enameled or wood, 11.5” x15”, Disposable paper palette 9"x12"
     (Acrylic only: Color wheel palette with cover, 15” diameter or Tom Hynlh’s 12”x15”, Tara’s 10”x14”)

     Palette knife, metal blade, wooden handle, bent blade (Atrium 17, Italy)

SPRAY BOTTLE & Color Wheel:
     Mixing Guide for Artists

CANVAS (Pre-stretched 100% Cotton or Linen; or 3/4” Plywood or stretch your own canvas)
     Heavy Duty Canvas and Stretch Bar


Artisan Collection, at least 10”x10” or 11” x 14 “, 50lb or better

     Gloss Medium & Varnish
(gloss, matte, 4 fl.oz.); Gel Medium (soft, heavy 8 fl.oz.)
     Acrylic Glazing Liquid (slow-drying, gloss) or Polymeer Medium

     White (8 fl.oz.) & Black Gesso (2 fl.oz.)

Graphite Pencil (6B) & Willow Charcoal (vine, medium)

Carry-All Tool Chest

Water Container

Rags; Paper Towels or Tissue Paper

Masking Tape 3/4"

Rubbing Alcohol

Ruler (transparent plastic 12” or longer)

Acrylic Varnish Spray (gloss, semi-gloss)

Oil Color: (Artist-quality oil paint: Windor & Newton, Grumbacher)
     A set of oil paint in tubes (at least 9 colors) or various individual tubes:

  Titanium white, Lemon yellow (Cadmium yellow light, Nickel titanate yellow), Cadmium yellow medium, Yellow ochre, Flesh tint, Cadmium orange, Vermilion hue, Cadmium red medium, Naphthol crimson (Permanent rose), Alizarin crimson (Quinacridone violet), Dioxazine purple, Raw sienna, Burnt umber, Mars black (Lamp black), Cobalt blue (Prussian blue), Ultramarine blue (Phthalicyanine blue), Cerulean blue hue, Phthalo green, light green oxide

Dryer Medium: Res•n•gel - Quick drying extender gel or Dryer Medium for oil painting

Refined Linseed Oil

Demar Varnish

Odorless Turpenoid (Turpentine substitute, 8 fl oz.)

Metal or Plastic Solvent & Medium Cup: Small double palette cup

Retouch Varnish Spray & Final Varnish Spray (gloss or semi-gloss)

Cleaning: Brush Cleaning Solvent Container Cans with lids & Heavy-duty Hand Cleaner

Protective Wear:
Rubber Gloves; Apron; Protective Gel, Shrink Wrap

Water Mixable Oil Color Set & Medium (10 Color) (optional)