Policy Work


I am currently serving as a senior adviser and senior economist at the White House Council of Economic Advisers while on leave from my faculty position at Mizzou and my affiliation with the St. Louis Federal Reserve. I am also a research fellow at the Show-Me Institute, and I have been a senior fellow and the acting director of academic outreach at the Center for Growth and Opportunity. My other public policy experience includes stints at the Heritage Foundation and the International Trade Commission as well as service in senior advisory roles for political campaigns and state entities in Missouri.

Center for Growth and Opportunity Reports:

What Can Be Done to Address Rising Student Debt?

How Do Taxes Affect Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Productivity?

A Primer on the Past, Present, and Future of Higher Education

Housing Affordability: Trends, Consequences, and Policies

A Primer on Housing Finance Reform

Down Payments and the Homeownership Dream: Not Such a Barrier After All?

Crises in the Housing Market: Causes, Consequences, and Policy Lessons

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Posts:

Construction Permits and Future Housing Supply: Implications for 2020

Are U.S. Housing Markets Hot, Hot, Hot?

Other Policy Reports:

Jobs and Growth Blueprint for Missouri
A Guide to Tax Reform in Missouri

Opinion Pieces:

Rent Control May Hurt Those It's Meant to Help (Tribune News Service)
How Pork-Barrel Spending Shapes the Ideological Composition of Congress (R Street)
Tax Reform Conservatives Can Get Behind (National Review)
Overhaul Our Dysfunctional Tax Code (St. Louis Post Dispatch)
The Free Market Can Deliver a Better Health Care Solution (Kansas City Star)
How to Craft an Effective, Politically Viable Repeal-and-Replace Bill (National Review)


Center for Growth and Opportunity Panel: Are We Ready for the Future of Work?

In November 2018, the Center for Growth and Opportunity sponsored a panel discussion on the future of work with a focus on how policymakers can be proactive both in preparing for potential dislocation and capitalizing on valuable opportunities.

Show-Me Institute Panel: Behind Bars in Missouri — Who is Paying the Price?
Video | Slides

On 9/26/2017, Columbia College hosted a Show-Me Institute panel discussion on criminal justice reform. I addressed the economics of criminal justice reform with a focus on trends, underlying causes, and implications for reform.

American Action Forum Panel: What's Driving the Rise in College Tuition?

On 4/12/2016, the American Action Forum hosted an event to discuss the drivers of rising college tuition and student debt with a particular focus on the unintended consequences of federal financial aid.