Mizzou MAC Researchers Spring 2018

From left to right: Carter Wilhite,Grant Parks, Rose Schauffler, Fangrui Ding (Jake), Dr. Trent Guess, Dr. Jamie Hall, Amir Jahandar, Emma Tomes, Ashley Morris, Allyson Wamhoff, Swithin Razu


Trent Guess, PhD (guesstr@health.missouri.edu)

Postdoctoral Fellows

Graduate Researchers

  • Swithin Razu, MS
  • Amirhossein Jahandar, BS

Undergraduate Researchers

  • Emma Tomes
  • Rose Schauffler
  • Carter Wilhite
  • Ashley Morris
  • Grant Parks
  • Allyson Wamhoff
  • Fangrui Ding (Jake)

Summer Researchers

Faculty Researchers

  • Jamie Hall, PhD
  • Carmen Abbott, PhD


Postdoctoral Researchers:

  • Portia Flowers, PhD
  • Antonis P. Stylianou, PhD *
  • Mahbube Siddiki, Ph.D. *
  • Mohammad Kia, Ph.D.*
  • Yunkai Lu, Ph.D.*
  • Hongzeng Liu, Ph.D*


  • Hamidreza Jahandar, MS
  • Katherine Bloemker, PhD*
  • Mohamamd Kia, PhD*
  • Munsur Rahman, MS*
  • Gavin Paiva, MS*
  • Paul Wilson, MS*
  • Jyothi Rayaprolu, MS*
  • Katie Weimer, MS*
  • Aarthi Shankar, MS*


  • Sami Kurkowski
  • Blair Twaddle
  • Morgan Sloan
  • Austin Koester
  • Akash Patel
  • Reimon Brown
  • Dillon Noland
  • Patrick Kirk
  • Lauren Bradley
  • Frances Zhu*
  • Vicki Angelini*
  • Kyle Medly*
  • Jessica Hettinger*
  • Leo Olcott*
  • Seth Powers*
  • Fernando Nussenbaum*
  • Geminia Carey*
  • Katie Weimer*
  • Katie McNutt*
  • Hakim Khan*


  • Becca Anglen
  • Matthew Guess
  • Chris Lang
  • Derick Davis
  • Theo Choma
  • Conner Hazelrigg

*MBRL University of Missouri – Kansas City

Our Projects

Subject Specific Concurrent Simulation of Movement and Natural Knee Contacts Mechanics

This project combines custom muscle driven musculoskeletal models with subject specific geometries and gait data to predict patient specific loading on knee structures and tissues during ambulation.

Validation of Musculsokeletal Models with Instrumented Prosthetic

The purpose of this project is to validate the knee contact force predictions of our custom muscle driven musculoskeletal models.

Our Lab

The Mizzou Motion Analysis Center (Mizzou MAC)

The mission of the Mizzou MAC is to combine the tools of engineering (computational analysis, instrumentation, measurement, and mechanical design) with the clinical expertise of physical therapy and orthopaedics to address issues of musculoskeletal health.