Mizzou MAC Measurement

The Mizzou MAC includes a 850 square foot state-of-the-art research facility used for measurement and analysis of human movement. The lab is equipped with: 1) a Vicon MX-T40S 8-camera, marker-based motion capture system with associated hardware and Vicon Nexus with Plug-in-Gait, Polygon and Vicon BodyBuilder software, 2) five AMTI Optima force platforms, 3) two Bonita 720c Video reference cameras, 4) a 16 channel Delsys Trigno Wireless EMG System with 8 additional Trigno Miniature Head Sensors, 5) an Organic Motion BioStage makerless motion capture system, 6) Kinect for Windows V2, and 7) a custom digitizing probe for the Vicon system.

Mizzou MAC Modeling

Resources dedicated to development and validation of computational musculoskeletal models includes office space adjacent to the Mizzou MAC gait lab, workstation class computers, a laptop with data acquisition, a Tactilus dynamic foot plate pressure sensor, and various sensors including load cells and accelerometers. Modeling software includes MD ADAMS, Geomagic Studio, OpenSIM, Slicer3D, SPSS and MATLAB/Simulink.

The Neuromuscular Research and Rehabilitation Laboratory (NRRL)

The NRRL is a 4,700 square foot research and rehabilitation facility housed next to the Mizzou MAC. The NRRL contains a Biodex System 3 Pro isokinetic dynamometer as well as two sets of Keiser a420 computer-interfaced pneumatic knee extension and leg press resistance training machines with electronics, a semi-recumbent LifeCycle ergometer, a Monark cycle ergometer, a ParvoMedics metabolic measurement system, a Quinton treadmill, a Medoc neurosensory analyzer, an automobile driving simulator, a centrifuge and a -80ºC chest freezer. In addition to a large central multi-use space, the laboratory has five private evaluation and testing rooms with treatment tables, where one room is designated for blood collection. Offices for research faculty and personnel open directly onto the central multi-use space. Furthermore, a break room, conference room, storage room and restroom are all contained within the laboratory. The Department of Physical Therapy supports four parking spaces directly outside the laboratory that are reserved only for research participants, and the laboratory is housed in a university building that is on the edge of campus and directly off a major North-South thoroughfare for ease of participant access.

Our Projects

Subject Specific Concurrent Simulation of Movement and Natural Knee Contacts Mechanics

This project combines custom muscle driven musculoskeletal models with subject specific geometries.

Validation of Musculsokeletal Models with Instrumented Prosthetic

The purpose of this project is to validate the knee contact force predictions of our custom muscle driven musculoskeletal models.

Our Equipment

Vicon Motion Capture System

Vicon is the leading developer of motion capture products and services for the Life Science, Entertainment and Engineering industries.

The system consists of 8 MX-T40S cameras and 2 Bonita video reference cameras.