Cloud Computing I

CS 4530/7530, Spring 2018

Previous Offerings: CS 4530/7530, Spring 2017/Spring 2016; CS 4001/7001, Spring 2015/Fall 2013
Spring 2018 Course Syllabus | Fall 2013 Course Report

Exemplar videos of student projects in the cloud computing course offerings:
- Software-defined Networking for Intelligent Data Movement
- Moving Target Defense for Resilient Cloud Management
- Custom Templates enabled Platform-as-a-Service
- Simulation-as-a-Service for Advanced Manufacturing
- App for Real-time Social Media Data Analytics
- Energy-aware Mobile Edge Computing for Visual Data
- Cyber Defense using Pretense in a SDX-Driven Cloud
Distributed and Cloud Computing
- by K. Hwang, J. Dongarra, and G. Fox; First Edition [ISBN: 9780123858801] (required)
Reference books:
- Programming Amazon EC2 - by J. Vliet and F. Paganelli [Online copy available at MU Library] (optional)
- Cloud Computing: Principles and Paradigms - by R. Buyya, J. Broberg, A. Goscinski (optional)
- Deploying Network-aware Applications in GENI [Video] [Slides] [Instructions]
- Design of a Cloud Computing Course Sequence [Slides]
- got bigdata? [Video]
- MU Campus Award in 2017 for Excellence in Teaching with Technology [News]
- Outstanding Junior Faculty Teaching Award, MU College of Engineering, 2017 [News]


Cloud Computing II

CS 8001, Fall 2017

Previous Offering: Fall 2015, Fall 2016
Fall 2017 Course Syllabus


Operating Systems I

CS 4520/7520, Spring 2014/Fall 2014


Computer Networks I

CS 4850/7850, Spring 2013