Research Focus

At VIMAN Lab, we investigate novel methods to model, measure, manage and secure distributed computing applications that have real-time resource allocation needs and require high-speed networks. With broadband access and cloud computing becoming integral in our society, end-user applications (e.g., video-on-demand, videoconferencing, remote visualization, remote instrumentation, real-time data analytics) are increasingly becoming data-intensive, mobility-supported and network-dependent.

Consequently, we are motivated by the challenges in studying theoretical foundations as well as developing tools for designing/measuring/managing/securing networks and cloud platforms. We strive to deliver the Quality of Service (QoS) required for meeting the end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) expectations in applications (e.g., healthcare, advanced manufacturing, public safety, new media, bioinformatics).

  • >>More; "VIMAN Lab pushes the virtual network computing envelope" - Cover Feature for 2014 Mizzou Engineer Magazine

  • Research Team




    PhD Students:
    - Dmitrii Chemodanov
    - Ronny Antequera (Fulbright Scholar)
    - Yuanxun Zhang
    - Samaikya Valluripally

    - Reshmi Mitra

    MS Students:
    - Sai Shreya Nuguri
    - Arjun Chandrashekara
    - Jon Patman
    - Songjie Wang
    - Travis Neeley

    UG Students:
    - Chiara Zizza (2017 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Andrew Crutcher (2017 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Adam Starr (2017 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Kyle Coleman (2017 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Devin Hudson (2017 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Caleb Koch (2017 Summer NSF REU Student)

    - Roshan Neupane, MS
    - Huy Trinh, MS
    - Abhinay Jangati, MS
    - Bidyut Mukherjee, MS (Joined Cerner)
    - Matthew Chisholm, BS (Joined Netsmart)
    - Matthew Dickinson, PhD (Joined Twitter)
    - Saptarshi Debroy, PostDoc (Joined CUNY as Asst. Professor)
    - Rui Huang, MS (Joined WestMatrix)
    - Duo Jiang, MS (Joined Amazon)
    - John Gillis, BS (Joined/Founded Recordly)
    - Shirish Gajul, MS (Joined Evalueserve)
    - Minh Nguyen, MS (Joined PhD Program in CUNY)
    - Amy "Ev" Cheng (2016 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Kourtney Meiss (2016 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Josiah Burchard (2016 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Luke Guerdan (2016 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Longhai Cui, MS (Joined Dish Networks)
    - Amit Kumar Akula, MS (Joined IBM)
    - Ravi Akella, MS (Joined DST Systems)
    - Anjay Patel, BS (2014 MU Discovery Fellow)
    - Olivia Apperson, BS (2015 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Mark Vassell (2015 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Allen Stage (2015 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Vladimir Georgiev (2015 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Samuel Jonesi, BS (Joined AT&T)
    - Eliot Prokop, MS
    - Trung Nguyuen, MS (Joined AT&T)
    - Shravya Ramisetty, MS (Joined IBM)
    - Abdulrahman Althobaiti, MS
    - Manav Singhal, MS
    - Sripriya Seetharam, MS (Joined Brocade)
    - Jerry Adams, BS (2014 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Chris Fulton, BS
    - Chris Dopuch, BS (2013 NSF REU Student)

    Research Projects

    - Virtual Desktop Cloud Computing
    (Sponsors: NSF, VMware, Dell, IBM)
    (Related Publications: [ic2e15] [qcman15] [comnet14] [vtj12])
    - Network Performance Measurement and Monitoring
    (Sponsors: DOE, NSF, Verizon, Raytheon-BBN)
    (Related Publications: [tnsm16] [lanman16] [jnsm14] [ccr15])
    - Science DMZ Overlay Networking for Data-intensive Computing
    (Sponsors: NSF, Cisco, Brocade)
    (Related Publications: [tcc16] [cf17] [cloud16] [crc15])
    - Internet of Things (IoT)-based Visual Cloud Computing
    (Sponsors: NSF, Coulter Foundation)
    (Related Publications: [tcsvt16] [nca16] [ficloud17] [cscloud17])
    - ElderCare-as-a-Service for Telehealth Intervention
    (Sponsor: NSF)
    (Related Publications: [pmc15] [healthcom17] [cloudele17] [ucc14])
    - Simulation-as-a-Service for Advanced Manufacturing
    (Sponsors: NSF, Mozilla, Raytheon-BBN, City of Dublin)
    (Related Publications: [cf17] [im15] [gree13])
    - Cyber Security for Critical Application Infrastructures
    (Sponsors: DOE, NSF, Thomson Reuters)
    (Related Publications: [icdcn18] [tsc17] [icnc16] [cloudnet15])

    NSF REU Site on Consumer Networking


    (Sponsor: NSF)
    The REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) Site on Consumer Networking Technologies will investigate some important issues related to software-defined networking, visual computing at the network edge, social health networking for eldercare, body-area sensing and emotion recognition.
    >>More on How to Apply and Participate
    **Call for Applications Flyer**

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  • calyam_magcover_june14.jpg

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