Research Focus

At VIMAN Lab, we investigate novel methods to model, measure, manage and secure distributed computing applications that have real-time resource allocation needs and require high-speed networks. With broadband access and cloud computing becoming integral in our society, end-user applications (e.g., video-on-demand, videoconferencing, remote visualization, remote instrumentation, real-time data analytics) are increasingly becoming data-intensive, mobility-supported and network-dependent.

Consequently, we are motivated by the challenges in studying theoretical foundations as well as developing tools for designing/measuring/managing/securing networks and cloud platforms. We strive to deliver the Quality of Service (QoS) required for meeting the end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) expectations in applications (e.g., healthcare, advanced manufacturing, public safety, new media, bioinformatics).

  • >>More; "VIMAN Lab pushes the virtual network computing envelope" - Cover Feature for 2014 Mizzou Engineer Magazine

  • Research Team





    PhD Students:
    - Ronny Antequera (Fulbright Scholar)
    - Yuanxun Zhang
    - Samaikya Valluripally
    - Chengyi Qu
    - Roland Oruche (Dean's Fellow)

    MS Students:
    - Komal Vekaria
    - Ashish Pandey
    - Aniket Gulhane
    - Soumya Purohit
    - Naga Ramya Bhamidipati
    - Travis Neeley
    - Osunkoya Opeoluwa

    UG Students:
    - Benjamin Frailey (2019 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Aditya Vandanapu (2019 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Boonakij Palipatana (2019 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Brady Kruse (2019 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Jeromy Yu (2019 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Matthew Rockey

    - Dmitrii Chemodanov, PhD (Joined Google)
    - Sai Swathi Sivarathri, MS (Joined Cerner)
    - Arjun Chandrashekara, MS (Joined AmericanEagle)
    - Jon Patman, MS (Joined VUHL)
    - Songjie Wang, MS (Joined MU)
    - Radha Krishna Talluri, MS (Joined LenderClose)
    - Ramya Payyavula, MS (Joined CarFax)
    - Reshmi Mitra, PostDoc (Joined Southeast Missouri State U. as Tenure-track Asst. Professor)
    - Sai Shreya Nuguri, MS (Joined Informatica)
    - Roshan Neupane, MS (Joined InnoWave)
    - Andrew Krall, BS (Joined Wipro Infocrossing)
    - Akhil Vyas (2018 Summer Research Student)
    - Roland Oruche (2018 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Annie Barnett (2018 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Gabriela Hoefer (2018 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Peter Lovett (2018 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Andrew Banning (2018 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Weston Verhulst, BS (2018, Joined MasterCard)
    - Aidan Verhulst, BS (2018, Joined SAIC)
    - Chiara Zizza (2017 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Andrew Crutcher (2017 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Adam Starr (2017 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Kyle Coleman (2017 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Devin Hudson (2017 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Caleb Koch (2017 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Huy Trinh, MS (Joined Columbia College)
    - Abhinay Jangati, MS (Joined CarFax)
    - Bidyut Mukherjee, MS (Joined Cerner)
    - Matthew Chisholm, BS (Joined Netsmart)
    - Matthew Dickinson, PhD (Joined Twitter)
    - Saptarshi Debroy, PostDoc (Joined CUNY as Tenure-track Asst. Professor)
    - Rui Huang, MS (Joined WestMatrix)
    - Duo Jiang, MS (Joined Amazon)
    - John Gillis, BS (Joined/Founded Recordly)
    - Shirish Gajul, MS (Joined Evalueserve)
    - Minh Nguyen, MS (Joined PhD Program in CUNY)
    - Amy "Ev" Cheng (2016 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Kourtney Meiss (2016 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Josiah Burchard (2016 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Luke Guerdan (2016 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Longhai Cui, MS (Joined Dish Networks)
    - Amit Kumar Akula, MS (Joined IBM)
    - Ravi Akella, MS (Joined DST Systems)
    - Anjay Patel, BS (2014 MU Discovery Fellow)
    - Olivia Apperson, BS (2015 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Mark Vassell (2015 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Allen Stage (2015 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Vladimir Georgiev (2015 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Samuel Jonesi, BS (Joined AT&T)
    - Eliot Prokop, MS
    - Trung Nguyuen, MS (Joined AT&T)
    - Shravya Ramisetty, MS (Joined IBM)
    - Abdulrahman Althobaiti, MS
    - Manav Singhal, MS
    - Sripriya Seetharam, MS (Joined Brocade)
    - Jerry Adams, BS (2014 Summer NSF REU Student)
    - Chris Fulton, BS
    - Chris Dopuch, BS (2013 NSF REU Student)

    Research Projects

    - Internet of Things (IoT)-based Visual Cloud Computing
    (Sponsors: NSF, Coulter Foundation)
    (Related Publications: [tcsvt16] [infocom19] [tsc18] [tmm18] [fgcs18] [wiley19])
    - Cyberinfrastructure for Big Data Applications
    (Sponsors: NSF, Cisco, Brocade)
    (Related Publications: [fgcs19] [chatbotml18] [tcc16] [cf17] [tcc18] [crc15])
    - Cyber Security for Critical Application Infrastructures
    (Sponsors: DOE, NSF, Thomson Reuters)
    (Related Publications: [fgcs19] [jmo19] [tsc17] [icnc16] [cloudnet15])
    - Virtual Desktop Cloud Computing
    (Sponsors: NSF, VMware, Dell, IBM)
    (Related Publications: [ic2e15] [qcman15] [comnet14] [vtj12])
    - Network Performance Measurement and Monitoring
    (Sponsors: DOE, NSF, Verizon, Raytheon-BBN)
    (Related Publications: [tnsm16] [tnsm18] [jnsm14] [ccr15])
    - Social Virtual Reality for Special Education
    (Sponsor: NSF)
    (Related Publications: [ccnc19] [icfc19] [ccnc18])
    - ElderCare-as-a-Service for Telehealth Intervention
    (Sponsor: NSF)
    (Related Publications: [pmc15] [healthcom17] [cloudele17] [ucc14])
    - Simulation-as-a-Service for Advanced Manufacturing
    (Sponsors: NSF, Mozilla, Raytheon-BBN, City of Dublin)
    (Related Publications: [cf17] [im15] [gree13])

    NSF REU Site on Consumer Networking


    (Sponsor: NSF)
    The REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) Site on Consumer Networking Technologies will investigate some important issues related to software-defined networking, visual computing at the network edge, social health networking for eldercare, body-area sensing and emotion recognition.
    >>More on How to Apply and Participate
    **Call for Applications Flyer**

    [News Feature]

    "Hacker Trackers" High School Students Summer Camp


    (Organizer: Summers@Mizzou)
    Do you like playing detective for investigating cyber attacks? Are you interested in learning tools and coding for detecting cyber attacks and developing cool visualizations to track cyber attacks? In this summer camp, you will assume the role of expert witnesses by conducting a network forensics investigation to catch cyber-criminals who were attacking a “Good online gaming” company. You will learn coding with a database and analyze attacks with a public cloud platform. You will also collect evidence to demonstrate to the jury the geographical location of the “cyber-criminal mafia” and the extent of damage caused for compensation.
    >>More on How to Apply and Participate
    [News Feature]

    News Features

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  • calyam_magcover_june14.jpg

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