>>"Aneesh Calyam, 2013 " - Space Ranger!


>>"Ayush Calyam, 2016 " - Space Rider!


>>"Aneesh & Ayush, 2017 " - Space Watchers!


>>"My Instrumental Music Hobby" - I enjoy playing the bamboo flute, mridangam (Indian Drum) and love to compose Indian-Western fusion music on the keyboard; Check out one of my 2016 “Instrumental Jugalbandi Performance featuring my mridangam and flute playing”.

>>"Bal Sabha" - I serve as the Moderator and 'Guru' (Teacher) of “Bal Sabha”, a monthly kids forum at “Shanthi Mandir” for elementary and middle school students to have cultural and academic discussions as well as participate in activities including: musical performances, public speaking, bike rides and picnics!


>>"PARAM"- The Indian Western Fusion Music Band I founded while I was a student at OSU

Co-founders: Karthik Venkataraman (Keyboard and Vocals), Chitra Ranganathan (Vocals), Vijay Neelakantan (Guitar)
My Role: Music Director, Flutist, Keyboard Player, Vocals


  • Raagam” (Studio Recording)
  • Bhaavam” (Studio Recording)
  • Kulam” (Studio Recording)
  • Swaram” (Live)
  • Dhyanam” (Live)
  • Bhajagovindam” (Live)
  • Shanthakaram” (Live)
  • Desham” (Live)
  • Video Song: Ennakonjum” (PBS Studio Recording)
  • Video Song: Bhaavam” (Creative Graphic effects by Christopher Cook)

  • >>My Father's Vedic School "Veda Adhyayana Kendra" Website that I built and partly maintain